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Dog friends

A Man wrote once to a hotel in the Irish countryside to ask if they would accept his dog. After some days he received the answer: “Dear Sir, I have been working in hotels for more than thirty years..Up to now I have never called the police to throw out a drunk dog during the night. No dog has ever tried to give me a false cheque. No dog has ever burnt the blankets while smoking. I have never found our towel inside a dog’s suitcase. Your dog is welcome. If he can guarantee, you can come as well !!”

Holidays with animals in Rimini are no more a problem at “Beach33”, you can spend pleasant moments together with your dog in a reserved area for animals. “Rimini’s 33” has been the first bathing establishment in Marina Centro of Rimini to be authorized to receive domestic animals on the beach. A reality consolidated in time and still continuing to grow, and which has been offering since 2004 high standards of professionalism and experience. The “Beach33” is a beach in Rimini for dogs which allows a relaxing holiday, assuring, if it is requested, a dog sitting service and a veterinary always available. The reserved and equipped area has bowls, bags and even a shower to refresh them. A few hundred meters, the Public park offers the possibility to walk through the green and to have a dedicated enclosed area. As a point of reference for those who want to travel with their own dog, we are capable to recommend the best hotels and residences in the nearby.


  • The entrance is allowed at identified dogs with microchip or tattoo, and provided of sanitary documentation(C/3 – C/4).
  • Animals must be led on a leash and provided of muzzle (not worn).
  • Beach umbrellas are provided of appropriate water bowls.
  • The equipped area can offer a rapid and effective means of distribution for dog’s pooper scooper and plastic bags for the cleaning up of secretions: eventual solid ones, must be removed using the opposite containers for rubbish that are inside the area, liquid secretions must be dispersed and washed with abundant sea water, all cured by the dog’s owner.
  • Inside the equipped areas, dogs must be guarded exclusively below their assigned shaded zones. The leash can be secured at fixed points of the shaded area as long as the keeper is always able to exercise an appropriate control of the animal.
  • The staff will establish which beach umbrella will be assigned, and it will have the faculty to make all the movements that could be required in case of dog’s incompatibility with the other guests.
  • Dogs must not be kept unattended or free to roam.
  • In case of bad behavior caused by dogs owners, the direction reserves the right of an immediate removal from the beach.
  • Conductors will be responsible for any damages at things or people, that may be caused by their dogs. It is appreciated the third-party insurance. The access is forbidden at females with estrous period.
  • Access is prohibited to females in estrous period.
  • It is forbidden to enter dogs into the sea.
  • Has ensured the availability of the veterinarian and dog sitter. (optional fee)
  • It is ensured the availability of the veterinary and the dog-sitter (on request and on payment). The owner or the keeper of the dog, before enjoying the equipped areas, has to sign an act (according to the following model) in which he will states:
    • Personal details,
    • The signaling of the animal/s that access to authorized areas,
    • The possession of the health requirements ,referred to points C)3 and C)4,
    • The obligation to deliver all the documentation about vaccinations according to the previous point, following a request of any supervisors,
    • The absence of restrictive regulations charged against him referred at point D)2,
    • The knowledge of the regulations contained in the Ordinance of the beach of Emilia- Romagna Region n. 1/2012 and of this document,
    • The agreement of the act’s acquisition by the supervisors in charge.
C/3 The access to the equipped area is allowed at dogs vaccinated at least 20 days in advance, and at least twelve months before, against “canine distemper”, ”infectious hepatitis” and “leptospirosis” and the treatment should be done not less than two days in advance and not more of twenty days against “echinococcosis”.
C/4 In addition to respect the previous point, dogs from abroad must satisfy the requirements, demonstrable trough the appropriate documentation, required by the regulation CE n. 998/2003.
D/2 The access to the beach is forbidden at dogs object of restrictive regarding the protection of public safety.